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Terms & Conditions

The airline tickets booked through our website are concerned with the terms and conditions applied by the airlines. (Keyword) is a third party entity, working independently from the airline.

By using our website or helpline, you are entitled to follow the policies laid by the airlines as well by us. The terms raised by the airlines are followed for all the concerns. However, we are not bound for the cancellation and refund policy.

Every ticket booked for the same airline may be different based upon the fare or service, etc.

When you make the bookings through our website, you get the ease of paying the fare through various methods. These methods include online banking system, debit/credit cards, etc. mentioned in the payment option.

The pricing of the airline ticket is dynamic and completely based on the fares applied by the airline. Thus, we are not responsible for the changes in fares, when you book or rebook your ticket with a slight change in the fare. If the user does not pay the complete amount, we hold the complete right to cancel the reservation.

In case you make the cancellation of your ticket, then the refund amount is processed depending upon the type of ticket you have booked. If you cancel your refundable ticket, then your amount would be processed, according to the airline rules, in 7-10 working days.

It is your sole responsibility to show up for boarding the flight with complete documents. We are not liable for any hazard that affects the health, safety, and well-being of the user.